TCA/The Compliance Alliance LP is a professional services firm providing both menu-driven and turnkey safety services to industry including industrial, commercial, and retail services.  Our Going Global® portfolio of services are designed to meet or exceed regulatory duty and support safety processes to address the complex needs of your construction, industrial, or retail environment and the elements of self-organizing systems which drive your workplace. This includes a broad range of services and consultation to assist you to organize your business’ existing safety elements and safety programs into one, sustainable and uniform quantifiable system.  We have experience providing service to a wide range of industry.  A partial list of industries TCA has served includes:

Construction Industry (all trades and General Contractors)
General Industry
Oil & Gas Industry
Chemical Plants
Medical Industry
Waste Management
Facilities Maintenance
Major Owner Representatives
Property Management Firms
Engineering Firms
Law Firms
Trade Organizations
Insurance Risk Management Firms
Oil & Gas Industry
Industrial Piping & Steel
Schools/Education Buildings
Telecom Industry
Printing Industry
Television stations
Hotels/Entertainment Industry
And much more….

The list of services and capabilities listed below are a representative list, not an exhaustive one. If it touches the safety process, TCA can provide responsive service. All services and pricing are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and designed to respond to the client need, schedule, and budget.

Multiple methods of managing on-site access, including proprietary software to track any and all site access criteria.
  • Near Misses
  • Accidents/Injuries
  • Accidents/Property loss
  • Fatality investigations
  • OSHA facilitation during OSHA investigations of catastrophes and fatalities
  • Embedded techs
  • Pre-access methods, multiple approaches from use of PQF platforms to custom badge and proximity readers
  • Mobilization support
  • Customized project Short Service Worker, Orientation, and Pre-access Clearance stickers
  • Additional oversight audits as required for periods of project peak manpower
  • Predictive Analytics used to identify trends and pre-emptive responses
  • Project Wrap Up Report of safety performance from a diverse number of data points
  • Single audits, as needed
  • Rotational audits, scheduled
  • Embedded technicians on projects full or part time
  • All observations reported via TCA proprietary predictive analytics software
  • Trend reports delivered electronically (see also Predictive Analytics capabilities)
  • OSHA Inspections: support pre/during/post
  • OSHA lay representation for citations issued
  • OSHA Training
  • Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) Methodologies
  • LPS/Loss Prevention System (trademarked BBS)
  • OBM Systems (Organizational Behavior Management)
  • Individual and Group Dynamics
  • All safety observations in TCA proprietary web-enabled predictive analytics software (TCA Instant!), the first of its type in the industry
  • TCA Instant! is fully customizable to client needs
  • Trend reports are generated, pre-emptive analysis of trends lead to interventions which have material impact on safety performance
  • TCA methods and means have been proven to reduce unsafe acts and conditions by 85% when fully implemented
  • Management Consulting
  • Safety Process Consulting (all aspects)
  • Keynote Speaker
  • All aspects of safety, from ladders to self-organizing systems to how the brain processes safety information
  • Efficiency analytics re: safety processes
  • Coefficient of Friction Analyses (SCOF/DCOF)
  • Support client in responding to PQF requests
  • Manage all aspects of ISNetworld Compliance
  • Manage all aspects of non-ISN PQF platforms (Avetta, GRMS, etc.)
  • Ongoing maintenance for PQF platforms
  • Problem resolution for PQF platforms
  • On-site observation to detect any high-risk activities
  • Customized written safety programs for every safety and health topic
  • Training tools to support written program implementation
  • Training for written program implementation
  • Research and acquisition of SDS (Safety Data Sheets)
  • Organized into a hyperlinked tracking tool for hazard communication program compliance
  • Short Service Worker Programs and compliance including visual markers
  • Diagnostics identifying target areas of safety issues
  • Team building workshops
  • Applied Science Methodologies
  • Labor surveys including Hispanic labor to address trends
  • On-site
  • All regulatory safety and health topics
  • OSHA 10/30 Training
  • PowerPoint presentations and all related tools for program-specific safety training
  • OSHA regulatory topics
  • GHS (Globally Harmonized System) Training
  • Incident Investigation Training
  • JSA (Job Safety Analysis) or equivalent training
  • Training matrices and calendars for management of employee credentials
  • OSHA Inspection Training
  • Defense cases only
  • Consulting Expert
  • Testifying Expert
  • Q&A for expert depositions of plaintiff experts
  • Research
  • Promotional pieces for client safety/brochures/bids
  • Project-specific site plans
  • Project-specific orientation PowerPoint presentations
  • Editable tool box talks that can be customized to the project
  • Write comparative analysis reports for process improvement over time. These reports take data from TCA observations in the field and related predictive analytics, and pre-emptive responses to trends, and show impact on improved safety performance over time. This report typically results in significant reductions in worker compensation premiums.